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Gnome shop add stuff

by Dead End hahaha » Fri Oct 04, 2013 3:09 pm

Since kr 1 requires all the heroes to start from level one, there should be an option to use gems to buy their levels. Like use like 1000 gems and all heroes you use are immediately level 2. Many people are used to (or gonna get used to) heroes that start at level 10, thanks to krf. Since kr hero system is different and more heroes are coming soon, watching your hero become level one AGAIN is kind of sad.

So either they follow krf type of leveling up or just use gems to level them up.


1000 start at level 2
1200 start at lvl 3
1400 start at lvl 4
So on and so forth.

Oni level 10 ftw!

Please consider the idea.
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