Kingdom Rush "Mythology"

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Kingdom Rush "Mythology"

by xandeadv » Sat Aug 16, 2014 1:32 pm

hello would like to congratulate its creation "Kingdom Rush", one of the best games I had the opportunity to play.

And also I have two suggestions for you of "Ironhide" Studios.

The first place is that the game "Kingdom Rush: Frontiers" for sale at "Steam" system. Already bought the two games the system "android", and the first game for "Steam" system, just missing the "Kingdom Rush: Frontiers" in "Steam".

The second suggestion is to create a new game "Kingdom Rush" would be called "Mythology". And would unite the two best creations with you "Kingdom Rush" and "Clash Of The Olympians".

Scenarios (stages) would be sites of ancient Greece, as the island of "Crete", the beach of Troy, Mount Olympus, Hades (hell), among others ...

The enemies are the mythological beings like centaurs (shot from a distance), Minotaurs (great strength), cyclops, harpies (flying), manticore, satyrs, among others ...

Torres could be the militia, Greek soldiers (hoplites), Myrmidons, siege tower, archers or toxotes, ballista (catapult), priest or alchemist, or even as a scientist Archimedes (these would be the magic and attack with explosives, or magic - HOLOLO - age of empires)

The heroes were those like Hercules, Achilles, Leonidas, Atalanta, Hipolita among others ....

Finally, the heads (Boss) would be the Titans as Zeus, Neptune, Hades ....

Of course all this using refecias the pop world, and good humor as they always have.

A hug from a friend and a big fan of the Brazilian, and I'm waiting for a new game in the series "Kingdom Rush", especially for the System "Steam".


Hola me gustaría felicitar a su creación "Kingdom Rush", uno de los mejores juegos que he tenido la oportunidad de jugar.

Y también tengo dos sugerencias para usted de Estudios "Ironhide".

El primer lugar es que el juego "Kingdom Rush: Frontiers" para la venta al sistema "Steam". Ya compró los dos partidos del sistema "android", y el primer juego para el sistema "Steam", sólo falta el "Kingdom Rush: Frontiers" en "Steam".

La segunda sugerencia es crear un nuevo juego "Kingdom Rush" sería llamado "Mitología". Y uniría los dos mejores creaciones con ustedes "Kingdom Rush" y "Clash of the Olympians".

Escenarios (etapas) serían los sitios de la antigua Grecia, como la isla de "Creta", la playa de Troya, el Monte Olimpo, Hades (infierno), entre otros ...

Los enemigos son los seres mitológicos como centauros (tiro desde la distancia), minotauros (gran fuerza), cíclopes, arpías (volar), manticore, sátiros, entre otros ...

Torres podría ser la milicia, los soldados griegos (hoplitas), mirmidones, torre de asedio, arqueros o toxotes, balista (catapulta), sacerdote o alquimista, o incluso como un científico Arquímedes (que sería la magia y el ataque con explosivos, o magia - HOLOLO)

Los héroes eran aquellos que, como Hércules, Aquiles, Leonidas, Atalanta, Hipólita entre otros ....

Por último, los jefes (Boss) serían los Titans como Zeus, Neptuno, Hades ....

Por supuesto, todo esto usando refecias el mundo pop y buen humor como siempre lo han hecho.

Un abrazo de un amigo y un gran fan de la brasileña, y estoy a la espera de un nuevo juego de la saga "Kingdom Rush", especialmente para el sistema "Steam".
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Re: Kingdom Rush "Mythology"

by shadownight » Sat Aug 16, 2014 1:46 pm

What theres a translated version for the developers too Lol they actually understand english

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Re: Kingdom Rush "Mythology"

by dimumurray » Sat Aug 16, 2014 3:06 pm

I think you have it backwards shadownight. The portuguese text is for the devs, the english translation is for the rest of us...
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Re: Kingdom Rush "Mythology

by Ashbite » Sat Aug 16, 2014 8:44 pm


Good ideas, but one point: Titans are Kronos, Hyerion, Krios etc. Gods are Zeus, Poseidon, Athena…
Also, you could have a spell for each god. Zeus cohld be lighting spell, Poseidon a tidal wave etc…
You would then be able to choose two spells from twelve for each battle.
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Re: Kingdom Rush "Mythology"

by xandeadv » Sun Aug 17, 2014 12:05 am

dimumurray wrote:I think you have it backwards shadownight. The portuguese text is for the devs, the english translation is for the rest of us...

But not in Portuguese, but in Spanish, because the developers are Uruguayans, Brazilians and I am, we are neighbors. But the idea is not to discuss the language that is being used, but ideas to develop a new version of "Kingdom Rush".
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Re: Kingdom Rush "Mythology"

by Chimto » Sun Aug 17, 2014 12:47 am

Is it necessary to use so many quotation marks?
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Re: Kingdom Rush "Mythology"

by sidoarjo » Tue Sep 29, 2015 2:03 pm

Kingdom Rush is the best.
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Re: Kingdom Rush "Mythology"

by Ninja » Tue Sep 29, 2015 6:08 pm

So are you the new forums necromancer or what? :roll:
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