Potential origin story and return of the juggarnaut to KR

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Potential origin story and return of the juggarnaut to KR

by Inner_Enigma » Tue Apr 14, 2015 3:20 am

This idea is for the potential story behind Kingdom rushes first boss the juggernaut.
Origin: I could not really decide on just one origin story, so I made several
1: he is the creation of umbra to be the destroyer of worlds who's sole purpose is to lay waste to creation. Being a creation of umbra he is fueled by both hatred and dark energy/magic. Any goodness(like elvin magic from corrupted artifacts) that he feed off of will weaken him from his full potential.
2: he is a machine that fell from the sky and was discovered by the twilight elves long ago. They modified him to run on dark magic and used him in the first civil war between the two elvin factions however the machine was badly damaged and placed in the vault until Rilgore raided it and tried to repair him. Rilgore was unable to finish however on the account that he was rushed by the elvin general into a panic and caused him use the shadow pendant as a last resort.
3: he was an ancient gaurdian of the lands until someone hacked his system into thinking all the good guys were corrupt and sent him on a misguided rampage to destroy enverything. (This gives the potential to become a hero)
4:he is just another unsolved mystery of the kingdoms ancient past and no origin should be depicted, so the fans can form their own unique interpretations.

In the Halloween idea, the final boss battle was a primitive skeletal version of the juggernaut that is mostly unrecognizable until his dark sillouet is formed by the darkness of the shadow pendant. His abilities would be a spiked ball and chain slam that sends a shockwave down the path(making it hard for soilders to move out of the way), launching 3 dark missles that rip out of his dark sillouet and leave behind a damaging aoe when they hit soilders, the ability to summon scarcrows, and the supernatural ability to teleport to a different path when his health goes down 1/3%. When we defeat him his head ejects to the kingdom of Lineria where veznan finds him and, using forced armor from the rift of cinders and the taer of Elynie is able to reconstruct the juggernaut, however givin the fact that the juggernauts runs of dark magic and vez'an's staff holds elvin magic it makes the juggernaut somewhat weaker than his full potential.
This explains why the 1st boss in kingdom rush was relatively easy to defeat.

Now In kingdom rush frontiers when an endless stage for the saurians comes out we discover that lord Malagar survived the fall thanks to that cloud thing of his, and has reunited the saurians to reconstruct an upgraded version of the juggernaut from peaces that they stole over the years (Got to have a plan B right). Instead of using the tear of Elynie to feul the juggernaut, Malagar Has placed a dark arch reactor, that looks alien in origin, into the juggernauts open chest, and is using the fragment remains of umbra, (which is a more powerfull than the shadow pendant) to feul it. malagar, without the staff, is powerless but for the attacks in the endless stage he is flying around the scaffolding on the juggarnaut to activate his new weapons.
One of the weapons is an arm that transforms into a devestator Ray and is being held up by cranes to be placed in one of the juggarnauts sockets. When activated it fires at the ceiling, causing rocks and stalagtites to rain down on the map. Another ability is when Malagar floats to the top of the juggarnauts head and kicks one of the horns causing him so spring to life for a few second and send out a pulse that enhances the saurians armor/resistance. The third ability could relate to the dark reactor and either summon shade elementals or creating temporary summoning gates for the saurians to swarm through like with the savants only more powerful.
The mini boss for this endless stage could also be the prototypes of the juggernaut that the saurians also constructed in previous failed attemps.
Not gonna lie this is where the brain storm is prepair youself.
After looking at a few other topics I noticed that some fans would really enjoy a rematch with the juggarnaut. Well here is one idea that might knock your socks off if iron hide could manage to do this for a potential well deserved boss.

I was thinking if the juggarnaut returns in the sequel it should be as the second boss in the champaign. This would definitely catch people off guard especially if their is no hint to him showing up.
His appearance is definitely more alien influenced but still maintains a similar appearance from the first game. He has his two traditional large horns on his side while an additional three horns that give off the appearance of a wicked crown. His helm looks more like a space visor and has a polished look to it. His torso and legs look mostly the same with the exception of the dark arch reactor imbedded in his cheats, and Missel launchers on his shoulder plates. One arm looks the same as in the first game, and his other arm is more cannonish with had a hand that can transform into the mouth of the deveataor Ray.
His states would include great physical armor and a nasty melle attack that deals area damage and a very slow speed but a massive amount of health.
Abilities:1 his horns will occasionally have and electrical current flow through then and emit an emp that disables all magic and artillery towers on the map for a duration
2: launches 4 seeking missles that target soilders and two large missles that go for the hero and deal alot more damage.
3: After 25% of his health is diminished his arm will transform into the deveataor Ray and will destroy a rondom tower. Using his dark reactor, he will teleport to a new path and summon a small wave of dark matter minions like shade elementals.
He repeats this pattern until you kill him.
After you defeat him he will teleport to the beginning of the longest path and he will go through an animation.
In this animation he will short curcut and his deveataor arm will break off. At the end of all the explosions he will look pretty banged up with dents, cracks and a peace of his horn missing. However he is not done yet. In a fit of rage the dark reactor will go into over drive giving him a powerful arora, giving him sick light saber like claws on his remaining hand and changing his stats for the next fight.
Given that he is damages his health is reduced to half although it is still alot of health and his armor is reduced to high.
He no longer does EMP blast and he can no longer destroy towers.
The dark reactor however has granted him double speed and a new stomp ability to replace the emp. The stomp ability will send a shockwave all the way down a path damaging soilders that are either standing or moving and it will decrease tower stats along the path. His melle attack also deals double true damage and he still has those missle launchers. Not only that but another wave on dark matter minions will spawn at the beginning of the map.
Strategy: Unlike the first fight the juggarnaut is booking it to the exit despite still being moderately slow and you will have to focus on both him and the army he summoned. You will be tempted to place soilders to block him but they will last only two stickes if they are lucky, it would be better to just use reinforcements to stall him and move all of the troops off the path to fight the hoard.
When you defeat him the second time he will teleport back to his spawn point and collapse, which will trigger the victory sign to drop.
Before the stars start to apear, however, a lazer will shoot one of the ropes supporting the sign and it will pull up. The culprit will be from the juggarnauts visor on top of the scrap pile. The heat will sprout jets from the side of his helm and lift off the ground. Starting the third fight.(trololol)
During this stage a magical force feild is projected around the juggarnauts head giving him high magical resistane and since he is flying now that means only archers and tower abilities will deal significant damage to him. The juggarnaut will also have an insta kill lazer eye that he will use to eliminate soilders.
Also to worry about is the severed deveataor Ray which has transformed back into a hand and is crawling fast back down the path. Intakilling soilders with a flicking finger.
Finally the scrap heap that holds the dark reactor will go into a melt down spawning a massive wave of dark matter minions similar to Myconids ability when he dies.
So in the final battle you must defeat a river of dark matter minions, the floating severed head of the juggarnaut with high magic resistance and the fast crawling severed hand of the deveataor cannon and only then will you beat the juggarnaut alpha. The ending will trigger a glorious explosion with the victory sing slowly rolling down with new repairs to it and summon your deserved stars. The damaged sign could also continue for the rest of the kingdom rush champaign. Which would be hilarious.

Well that my idea for the return of the juggarnaut to the kingdom rush series. Love it, hate it, expand the topic, of discard it entirely, whatever the case may be have a nice day. (Note I acknowledge that a boss battle like this would require a lot of programming and work and will very likely not happen but a guy can dream right?)
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Re: Potential origin story and return of the juggarnaut to K

by Big Bad Bug » Tue Apr 14, 2015 3:44 am

Conept #4 is actually how it is in the game already, and isn't an origin story if you say that it's up to everone else to decide. That's like saying that you have an awesome an idea like a time machine, and when someone asks you how it works, you tell them it's up to their imagination to figure out how it works.

I think the Juggernaut is good without a return in such a dramatic way like a boss battle. Malik reappearing was a nice and subtle addition that was especially awesome because it felt secretive and almost exclusive, in an uplifting kind of way. I'd like references to remain subtle in the games personally.
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Re: Potential origin story and return of the juggarnaut to K

by tiyaray » Mon Mar 18, 2019 9:47 am

I think the Juggernaut is great without an arrival in such an emotional way like a supervisor fight. Malik returning was a pleasant and unpretentious expansion that was particularly marvelous in light of the fact that it felt cryptic and practically elite, in an inspiring sort of way. I'd like references to stay unpretentious in the diversions by and by.
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Re: Potential origin story and return of the juggarnaut to K

by Rush the kingdom » Mon Mar 18, 2019 9:56 am

tiyaray wrote:I think the Juggernaut is great without an arrival in such an emotional way like a supervisor fight. Malik returning was a pleasant and unpretentious expansion that was particularly marvelous in light of the fact that it felt cryptic and practically elite, in an inspiring sort of way. I'd like references to stay unpretentious in the diversions by and by.

Maybe have a level take place in the citadel, and midway through the level some goblins sneak in from the side and take the juggernaut head off the pike that it sits on after you beat it and return for the heroic and iron challenges. Then a few waves later, some welding flashes from off screen, and a new kind of giant mook walks in with the helmet as its head.

It's great because it's a bit of a clever call-back, but not too much, in my opinion (this would only be around midway through the game at best in my idea, so it would eventually get outclassed and replaced by other giant mooks.)
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